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Travel Advice for trips to The Gambia, West Africa for Drumming and Dance Holidays


African Medical Issues

You should always contact your GP about 6 weeks in advance of your trip. There are good dentists, private medical centres and hospitals that we can refer you to whilst you are staying with us and most (if not all) of them will fit in with any standard Travel Insurance policy.

Flights to Gambia

The Gambia Experience provide flights to The Gambia all-year round and until recently they were the only company providing a flight-only package. Thomas Cook, however, have recently started providing flight-only deals at an excellent price (see link below) although these do not operate all-year round.



Other Useful Websites to visit:

Site URL Remarks
Flights from the UK to Banjul, Gambia  book online with

Flights from the UK to - the cheapest and most efficient flight only company we have found yet - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Official Tourist site for travel to The Gambia Excellent way of transferring money to The Gambia GTS - A very helpful charitable organisation with an informative website
Holidays to The Gambia
Flights from The Gambia Experience, a well-established tour operator Travel Health Advice


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