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Flights to Gambia from the UK

Cheap Flights to Gambia can be found by selecting one of the flight carriers shown below. Simply select the departure date you would like to fly to " Gambia ", your departure airport, party size and length of stay. Then just click the search button - or select a resort to find a range of cheap flights, bargain flights and last minute flights to Gambia.

The Gambia boasts beautiful beaches and is also named ‘the smiling coast’. The tropical sunshine and uncrowded coastline make it a wonderful destination for a holiday. Things to do include cruising the River Gambia and discovering nature reserves, and relaxing on one of Gambia’s palm-fringed beaches. Gambia is the perfect location for a quiet, relaxing holiday but there are also many markets to look around. You can also experience guided walks through the Abuko Nature Reserve, visit the monkey park, walk amongst crocodiles at the Katchikally crocodile pool and visit craft markets. Gambia is also good for shopping – local tailors produce clothing at very cheap prices. Flights to Gambia take roughly 6 hours.


Close to the capital, Banjul Beach offers beachside relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the town. It is still close enough to the town however, should you wish to explore its many markets and local shops. Banjul’s busy port is worth visiting as are its colonial buildings for a touch of history and culture. Entertainment here is mainly hotel-based but you are not far from other resorts along the Gambian coast. Kololi Beach is very popular – backed by a large number of cafes and bars, and there are a number of international restaurants and discos as well as a casino nearby.

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