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Fibreglass Djembe what you're looking for?

Our fibreglass djembes come from indonesia

As individuals and professional players ourselves, we've experienced some of the frustrations that can arise when purchasing fibreglass djembe and we make a promise that we will do our best to make sure that your experience of buying from us is a good one; after all we want you to come back and buy more!

You can be reassured that these African bass drums are sold on a 'Fair Trade' basis and that the craftsmen who produce them are receiving a fair and decent income.

Why Buy Fibreglass Djembes From Drumculture?:

  • All of our fibreglass djembes are prepared in Indonesia by highly experienced craftsmen
  • These are exactly the fibreglass djembes used by our Professional Troupe.
  • We have years of experience ourselves of buying from other providers so we know all the pitfalls and frustrations! Our aim is to make your purchase as simple as possible and to allow you to enjoy playing your instrument for many, many years.
  • The fibreglass djembes that we provide should not be compared with the plethora of poor-quality items that seem to have flooded the market; our fibreglass djembes are made by professional craftsmen who take a great pride in the work that they produce.


How to Buy Your Fibreglass Djembe:

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  • Your payment can be made securely online by using our Paypal credit card payment facility.
  • Postage and packing (P&P) costs shown are for UK only. Please call for international shipping costs.
  • Click on each image to see a larger version
  • Simply click on the 'view cart' button at any stage to view or amend your purchases

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Fibreglass Djembe

fibreglass djembe

Mechanically Tuned

L - 60cm high, 12" head - £99.99
M - 45cm high, 9.5" head - £69.99
P&P £12

Our mechanically tuned Djembe uses modern steel tuning lugs to create a Djembe that can be tuned quickly and easily using the tool provided. Perfect for a quick sound check before a performance. Using fibreglass to construct the drum body in a traditional shape makes a portable, highly durable Djembe that shares all of the depth and range of tones with its hardwood cousins.



Fibreglass Djembe

fiberglass djembe

Rope Tuned

L - 60cm high, 12" head - £79.99
M - 45cm high, 9.5" head - £59.99
P&P £12

Traditional rope runners are used to string the natural goat skin and create a high quality modern Djembe that is finished with an attractive cloth pattern inspired by West African Bogolan or mudcloth patterns. This Djembe is perfect for any performer who needs a hardworking, reliable drum or for equipping a demanding drum circle with long lasting, attractive Djembes.


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