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Drumming Holiday what you're looking for?

Drumming Holidays, Gambia, West Africa

Want to combine wonderful climate, beautiful beaches, peaceful environment, and fantastic music with the finest music tuition? Then come and join us in The Gambia at our Music and Cultural School where we teach djembe, dunun (dun-dun), kora, and balafon.

You can join us for one or two weeks or stay even longer if you wish. The holiday season (and, therefore, cheaper flights) in The Gambia typically runs from November to the end of April but you can come and stay with us any time of the year. We don't run specific dates as economical travel to The Gambia tends to be dictated by airline availability and prices, so just tell us roughly when you want to come, book your flight, and then give us the exact dates you will be with us; we'll sort out the rest (it doesn't matter what day of the week you plan to arrive).

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. - William Arthur Ward

We know from experience that it can take some time to learn to play the djembe really well; good teachers are sometimes hard to find, you never quite find enough time to practice often enough and some workshops can be really expensive (and particularly large group sizes too!).

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At our school you will receive the finest tuition by some of the best musicians in The Gambia and your teaching session will be tailored to your skill and knowledge level. More importantly, however, we have worked extremely hard at creating the right environment in which to learn; you'll find the school to be a very friendly setting and you will be made to feel part of the family. We love what we do and we want other people to feel the same joy and contentment that we experience ourselves.

Drumming School General Features

  • Approximately four hours tuition per day (more can be provided if requested). You might be able to 'mix-and-match' the tuition that you receive; for example, do a few hours drumming then a few hours djun-djun. Simply discuss your requirements with us before you arrive and we'll try and put together a small programme for you.
  • Transport can be provided to and from the airport (it's about a 30 minute drive through wonderful surroundings) for a small fee
  • Tuition will be for five days in each week with Fridays set by as a day off (to respect the Muslim faith) and also Saturday as a day off.
  • Tuition will normally be provided by one of our resident teachers but more teachers will be provided if the group size is too large or has different levels of ability.
  • Group sizes will be tailored so that you donít find yourself in a large group of mixed abilities; we want you to get the absolute best out of your time with us. We will gauge your ability when we meet you and will match you with an appropriate teacher to best match the skills that you want to improve upon (it is best that we discuss your requirements in advance of your arrival so that we can arrange extra teachers if necessary).
  • The school has a very friendly environment. We live and work within the school and some of the teachers' families live there; you will be made to feel part of the family and will get the chance to learn Africa cooking if you wish!
  • You will need to book your own flight (but we can give you plenty of advice, please feel free to ask).
  • In the evenings we either open a few bottles of local beer and sit and talk about music or go and see one of the cultural music groups performing - sheer bliss!

Drum School Accommodation

  • Accommodation is in Libon's large family house, set in what the Gambians call a 'compound'. Each room has a single, twin or double bed with mosquito net. There is a shared toilet and separate shower. We only have 4 guest rooms so it is never too busy.
  • Food is provided (we all eat together) and is varied between African and European dishes. We cater very well for vegetarians.
  • There is a shop nearby which sells travel essentials (soap, toothpaste etc.) and local crafts.
  • The school is situated near the town of Serrekundah, in Southern Gambia with the sea just a short taxi-ride away. From the moment you enter the compound, you will be overcome with a feeling of peace and tranquility; the perfect environment for drumming.
  • If you already know Gambia, you will be pleased to learn that we have a strict ban on bumsters (or anyone else that might disturb your peace) into the compound (this also includes musicians who talk too much!). We want you to feel within the confines of the Guest House that you can be left in peace.

Why Use Our African Drum School?

  • Intensive training in the 'African environment' rapidly improves your skills; the African teachers say that the path to easy learning is to first clear your mind
  • The school lives, eats and breathes music, it's part of our daily lives; you will find yourself simply absorbed in traditional African music and tradition
  • Beautiful surroundings in a friendly and peaceful environment
  • Teaching by some of the best musicians and music teachers in The Gambia
  • Purchase professional drums at a preferential price
  • Our aim is to make your stay with us one of the best holidays you have ever had; after all, we want you to come back!

Drumming and Dancing Tuition Course Prices

  Price Remarks

£150/week per room

Each room has electricity and mosquito net
Food £7/day/person Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner
Music Tuition £160/week

(5 days)

Balance to be paid within 1 day of arrival in The Gambia.

Simply contact us to discuss your requirements or call us on 07809 456490 if you have any more questions.

Useful African Information and Things to Bring to Gambia

There are very good supermarkets (about 15 minutes away) where most toiletry items (including sanitary towels) can be purchased, but we recommend you bring the following to make your stay more comfortable and to save you having to go shopping for things that can sometimes be quite expensive in The Gambia:

  • Torch
  • Plenty spare batteries
  • Flip-flops & Sandals
  • Strong sun cream and a good after-sun
  • A good hat for sun-shade
  • Towel and toiletries (including beach towel)
  • Small travel first-aid kit
  • Swimming costume
  • Long-sleeved and long-legged clothing for the evenings
  • Insect repellant containing DEET
  • Your regular prescribed medication

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