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djembe tuning


Djembe tuning using the traditional ‘Mali weave’

Tuning your Djembe is not as difficult as you might think, we recommend using the traditional ‘Mali weave’ for adding tension to the ropes, the process of tuning the drum. All of our Djembes come with plenty of additional rope for tuning and the ropes themselves are pre-stretched, making the process easier and more responsive. We lightly tune the drums using this method, so you will find the weave started for you. If you wish to raise the tone further, or the Djembe looses tension over time, please follow these simple steps:


mali weave


1. Unwind the extra rope on the Djembe and pass the end under the first two verticals. Make sure you choose the verticals that are furthest apart to make the most change in the pitch of the drum.

djembe tuning


2. Pull the slack through then pass the rope back over the right vertical and under the left vertical. Again, pull through the slack rope.





drum tuning
djembe tuning mali weave

4. Move horizontally across to the next pair of verticals and repeat the process. Moving round the entire Djembe will add tension and raise the pitch of the drum.


3. Pull the rope sharply to the right. This will make the verticals cross each other and create a ‘diamond’ where the tuning rope passes through.

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