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Djembe Manufacturing Process used by Drumculture

The images shown below are not intended as a guide for you to build your own djembe, but simply for you to see some of the processes and techniques that we employ when we manufacture our drums. Not all of the processes are shown. Visit the site again in future, however, to see updates of the manufacturing process.


The wooden shell of the djembe drum is roughly carved by the artisan in the forest. It must then be smoothed to remove the rough edges

  shaving djembe shell   djembe shell   djembe wood

The djembe rims are then planed to make sure that they are square and that the skin will sit properly on the top rim   djembe making   djembe drum   drum making

The first (long!) sanding process of the drum then begins to remove any irregular surfaces   making djembe drum   making djembe   drum manufacture
    making african drum   drum making in africa    

Then the carving of the djembe can be done..   carving djembe   djembe carving    

Followed by even more sanding!!!   djembe african   making african carving   sanding djembe drum
    making djembe   making drum   making african drum
    more sanding djembe   sanding djembe drum    

The finished djembe shell is now varnished, using a high-grade lacquer; now the hard work is beginning to pay off, it's looking fantastic and the drum is now ready for skinning

  varnishing djembe        

The djembe rings are wound with cloth to protect the wooden djembe shell   djembe ring        

Then the small rope loops can be woven. Poor-quality djembes will only have a small number of these loops; we aim for 35!!   stringing djembe   djembe rope   djembe rings

The skinning process is quite lengthy but here are just a few images so you can see part of what's involved.   skinning djembe   skinning a djembe   shaving djembe skin

The finished article...   professional djembe        


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