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Djembe Bag what you're looking for?

Our djembe bags come from West Africa and indonesia

As individuals and professional players ourselves, we've experienced some of the frustrations that can arise when purchasing percussion instruments from Africa and we make a promise that we will do our best to make sure that your experience of buying from us is a good one; after all we want you to come back and buy more!

You can be reassured that these drum bags are sold on a 'Fair Trade' basis and that the craftsmen who produce them are receiving a fair and decent income.

Why Buy Djembe Bags From Drumculture?:

  • All of our drum bags are prepared in West Africa by highly experienced craftsmen
  • These are exactly the same bags used by our Professional Troupe.
  • Every item is quality-checked by Drumculture's Director before being dispatched
  • One of our team in the UK who will do a final quality check and tuning before despatch to your doorstep
  • We have years of experience ourselves of buying from other providers so we know all the pitfalls and frustrations! Our aim is to make your purchase as simple as possible and to allow you to enjoy playing your instrument for many, many years.
  • The djembe bags that we provide should not be compared with the plethora of poor-quality west african items that seem to have flooded the market; our bags are made by professional craftsmen who take a great pride in the work that they produce.


How to Buy Your Djembe Bag:

Go to our Djembe Accessories page to purchase on of our drum bags

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