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Custom Djembe Drum what you're looking for?

Our custom djembe drums are made in Guinea and The Gambia, West Africa, by an African Master Drummer, Libon Traore.

As individuals and professional players ourselves, we've experienced some of the frustrations that can arise when purchasing instruments from Africa and we make a promise that we will do our best to make sure that your experience of buying from us is a good one; after all we want you to come back and buy more!

"I'd just like to let you know that my drum has arrived and I really love it.  Thankyou for your patience and help"

You can be reassured that these drums are sold on a 'Fair Trade' basis and that the craftsmen and musicians who manufacture them are receiving a fair and decent income.

"GUAU!!!! I love it...!!!! I have just received the drum, it is fantastic and looks Very Good!!! I have already played a little bit (during my lunch break...) but I will have to wait until this evening for a longer session...I like the sound of the slaps a lot, but I am sure with time I will be able to make sound just great..."

Why Buy Custom Djembe Drums From Drumculture?:

  • All of our instruments are manufactured in West Africa by extremely talented and highly experienced craftsmen
  • These are exactly the same instruments used by our Professional Troupe.
  • Our instruments are tuned by music professionals who have lived with, and played with, these instruments for many years
  • Your instrument can be customised; simply send us an e-mail with your requirements
  • Every item is quality-checked by Drumculture's Director before being dispatched
  • One of our team in the UK who will do a final quality check and tuning before despatch to your doorstep
  • The wood used only comes from forests in Guinea and Senegal and we only use wood from the 'Lenke', 'Akasso' or 'Harre' trees, which are the woods used by the master drummers of Guinea (Mango is not durable enough, tends to crack and does not give the correct sound). We do our best to make sure that we only buy the woods from the people who own the forest and who are themselves making sure that they aren't causing irrecoverable damage to the forest.
  • We have years of experience ourselves of buying from other providers so we know all the pitfalls and frustrations! Our aim is to make your purchase as simple as possible and to allow you to enjoy playing your instrument for many, many years.
  • The drums that we manufacture should not be compared with the plethora of poor-quality drums that seem to have flooded the market; our drums are made by professional drummers and craftsmen who take a great pride in the work that they produce (each of our Djembes takes about 10 days to complete). Being professional musicians themselves, they only want to create the finest instruments that will be durable and will last for many many years. Visit our page where we show one of our drums being manufactured.

How to Buy Your Drum:

Our custom drums can now only be purchased at our Music School in The Gambia.

To purchase one of the 'standard' (not customised) drums that we have in stock, simply got to our online shop to make your purchase. You can use most major credit and debit cards.


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