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Why Buy Carvings From Drumculture?

Our carvings (wooden and stone) are supplied by well-known retailers such as National geographic, who donate some of the proceeds to their non-profit endeavours around the world.

Supporting traditional Zimbabwean art forms, like Shona stone carving, helps bring critical income to communities throughout this southern African nation. Once the prosperous "bread basket of southern Africa," recent government actions have destroyed the agricultural industry that was the backbone of Zimbabwe's economy.

The country currently has the highest inflation rate in the world, as well as the fastest shrinking economy, and unemployment is at 80%. Encouraging an international market for art and crafts exports enables those affected by the agricultural economy's collapse to support their families through the work of their own hands.

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How to Buy Your Carving:

Simply click on one of the products shown below. You will be taken directly to the National Geographic website where you can order your carving direct from them.

They provide International Shipping and delivery.


African Shona Elephant Sculpture

African Shona Elephant SculptureAfrican stone carvong Shona

Hand-chiseled by artisans in Zimbabwe's largest tribe. Shona art, created by Zimbabwe's largest tribe, is one of the most significant art forms to come out of Africa in the 20th century. Family relationships, such as this pair, are often represented by the animal kingdom in Shona art. The artists believe that their chiseling and polishing releases the spirit form that is trapped within the rapoka stone. As each piece is one of a kind, please expect variation in the color and veining of the stone.

Approximately 6 1/2''W x 8 1/2''H x 2''D. Click on the 'BUY' button below to be taken to the National geographic website to view more details (this DOES NOT commit you to buying).

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