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Drumculture West Africa is a group of musicians, teachers and individuals who have been brought together by their love of music and a particular way of life, based on a respect of both individuals and of the cultural traditions that have been passed down through generations within West Africa.


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Libon Traore - Djembe, Dunun, Dance, Bugarabou, Singing.

Libon is our principal teacher and supervises all of the teaching that goes on in the school. A lead djembe player with several local groups, he is a superb musician and a wonderful teacher. Born in Guinea Conakry into the Susu tribe in a village called Kindiya, Libon (‘real’ name Naby Traore) is 36 and has a great depth of knowledge of West-African music and traditions. His mother, Mbaliya Keita, is a famous singer in Guinea Conakry and it was she who gave him his love of music. Libon is a great guy to be around; he’s simply passionate about music, has a great sense of humour and wisdom well beyond his years; he has a friendly, relaxed teaching style and has extensive experience of teaching in Europe at varying levels.

Mike Armstrong - Djembe

Mike has played various forms of percussion most of his life and began specialising in the djembe some years ago. He loves West African music and is an accomplished djembe teacher at beginner level. His experience of African music allows him to 'translate' teaching methods between the European and African cultures.

Ibrahima Soumah - Djun Djun

Ibrahima (Ibro) joined the school in March 2007. From the Susu tribe, Ibro lived worked and trained with Famadou Konate in Guinea. Ibros' teaching style, patience and empathy are legend and he is probably the best djun djun player in The Gambia today. He has a deep understanding of Malinke traditional music and, whilst he can play the djembe very ably, specialises in the djun djun, particularly the Sangban.

Lewis Armstrong - Djembe

Lewis is an accomplished percussionist, actor and musician. Currently studying music and performing arts at college in the UK, Lewis is a superb djembe player who is well on track to becoming a master player. He teaches beginners djembe and dunun and plays the kora, dunun, balafon electric guitar, bass guitar and bugarabou.


Almamo comes from the Royal Mandinka tribe and lives in Bakau. He is extremely proud of his nation, The Gambia, and does much to protect its reputation and perception. Almamo is so friendly (you'll love him!) and knows The Gambia so well that he will accompany you if you want to visit other parts of The Gambia with someone who knows the country well and will give you some comfort and companionship.






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